Every project is different, but we often find a need for the following:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business and financial modelling
  • Creating, designing and developing menus
  • Designing and training on SoPs
  • Benchmarking
  • Directing marketing and customer loyalty programmes

So we deliver insight, planning and strategic services. Some call it an external view.

Which makes us?
Rather unique. We think. HAC is not an agency. We do not have an agency philosophy or a trade-marked process. We’ve thought about it. But on reflection, for a nano second, we thought why would you want to sit through a tedious credentials presentation full of vision and mission statements and flow charts when what you really want is somebody to listen.

Consultants? The world is awash with them? Why would we be any different?
We listen. We have real knowledge. Of food and restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels. Of people. And what makes a business successful in the long term. We want to work with you. Understanding your business is a key challenge. Rather than imposing something idealistic from outside. It may sound obvious but we know what we are good at and honest about what we are not.

We are hungry and energetic. Are not greedy or arrogant. We know that your measure - the one that counts - is, do we make a difference?